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This site sprang up from the need of the NYC D&D Meetup website to handle RSVPs to individual games. There is a forum on that website for people to talk about online games.

I created this site so that the NYC D&D Meetup group DMs could have a place to post individual games and players could then RSVP to them. It also happens to work very well to set up online games. I hope to offer a tutorial game night maybe once a week or so to start. This way people can learn how easy it is to play online.

I hope this site will enable people to easily hook up with other people to have a good time playing role-playing games.

After every game the participants rate each other on their courteousness with a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down".
It is a rating of how considerate the other players are. It is not a rating of how good a player is or how knowledgeable of the rules they are.
If the person doesn't bother you, is polite, stays involved for the entire 4 or 5 hours of game time, is a team player, and isn't disruptive, give them a "thumbs up" rating.
We are trying to avoid problems that arise in online group activities where people are late, don't show, leave in the middle, or are disruptive to the game.