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Face of the Moon
Cost: $0.00
Level: 17

First Session: Tuesday -- November 13th, 2012 -- 7:00 PM
[Eastern Time]

Approx. Length: 3-4 sessions

When the characters step through a portal created by a strange illithid device, they are transported into the heart of a devious plot. Using the technology of a lost race, the mind flayers are creating duplicates of prominent rulers and influential people to advance their nefarious agenda. Only the adventurers can put a stop to the illithids’ dark plot. The heroes must contend not only with the formidable intellect of their foes, but also the bizarre environment in which they find themselves.
OMG this is filled with alien stuff and looks super awesome!

Game Sessions
Where When DM DM Feedback
Join the Interested List to see whereThursday -- November 15th, 2012 -- 7:00 PM pic
+152 Roleplaying Votes
+119 Tactics Votes
Join the Interested List to see whereTuesday -- November 20th, 2012 -- 7:00 PM pic
+152 Roleplaying Votes
+119 Tactics Votes
Join the Interested List to see whereTuesday -- November 27th, 2012 -- 7:00 PM pic
+152 Roleplaying Votes
+119 Tactics Votes

Please read the RSVP rules as well as the houserules: Campaign Rules.

RSVP is closed since Saturday -- November 10th, 2012 -- 1:49 PM

People can Show Interest up until Saturday -- November 10th, 2012 -- 1:49 PM
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 Githzerai Avenger
Matt Hpic0
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James Lpic0
 Tiefling PsychicDefender
 Dragonborn Slayer
Kenny Ppic0
Torpedo Tanuki Hengeyokai Hunter-Killer
Ross Hpic0
Rob Rpic0
 Xaxamun - Bladeling Sham
T Michaelpic0
Committed Adventurers - Limit 6
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 Githzerai Avenger
Matt Hpic0
Prismaton Alpha
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 Tiefling PsychicDefender
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 Xaxamun - Bladeling Sham
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Nov 30, 2012 7:04 PM - Tracy: Xax is right, those filthy mind flayers would gladly accept a Gith sacrifice any day.
Nov 29, 2012 12:55 PM - Rob R: If Vali would've asked, I'm sure the "malfuctioning" Prismaton Alpha or Beta would've granted his wish. The more I think of it, I think the robot was sick of me trashing technology and espousing nature and took advantage of the confusion to take a shot at me.
Nov 28, 2012 8:32 PM - Nileoc: Thanks a lot Tracy! My only regret was not being able to stay behind and die the way my family would be proud to see.
Nov 28, 2012 8:03 PM - Kenny P: So much fun. I didn't want it to end. Ever.
Nov 28, 2012 3:58 PM - Tracy: Thanks everyone! I had a blast and things really came together last night to form an epic climax. Well played.
Nov 28, 2012 1:06 PM - Rob R: Awesome mod. Tracy you did a fantastic job melding roleplaying & combat (especially in combat). Thanks everyone for a great time.
Nov 28, 2012 9:55 AM - Matt H: Seconded! Great job all around.
Nov 28, 2012 9:54 AM - James L: That was pretty darn cool. Thanks for running it Tracy. Elder Brains, Giant Claws, Clones, Blaster Rifles, space opera, malfunctioning robots, it had it all.
Nov 27, 2012 5:57 PM - Tracy: Tonight, Au Bon Gout - Bring your slurpees*cough*brains. I meant brains.
Nov 27, 2012 10:48 AM - Rob R: I got my pc sheet, dice and a pencil. I'm ready to go.....
Nov 27, 2012 2:14 AM - Kenny P: Just to confirm, we are meeting tonight. Yes?
Nov 22, 2012 12:48 AM - Kenny P: I had a fun time last night. I really felt like I was a raccoon playing D&D.

Happy Thanksgiving ya'll!
Nov 19, 2012 12:21 AM - Kenny P: Damn the weekend has just flown by and it's almost Tuesday! Can't wait for another great session.
Nov 16, 2012 1:51 PM - Rob R: I also had a great time last night. Looking foward to Tuesday.
Nov 15, 2012 11:36 PM - Tracy: Thanks all for a great time tonight. I have to admit it is a little intimidating running against such great DM's!
Nov 15, 2012 4:23 PM - Nileoc: Vali knew the war wasn't over. Like his fathers before him he gave up everything in preparation for this day. Having sensed a new threat, he waits and searches for a divine sign to guide his hands to revenge.
Nov 15, 2012 1:08 PM - Kenny P: A raccoon in beer soaked military uniform suddenly leaps atop the bar holding an oversized Lasrifle and yells, "EVERYONE DUCK AND COVER!" The potted plant beside him drops his fruit.
Nov 15, 2012 12:55 PM - Tracy: Rubbery violet skin covers the creature’s spindly limbs, and its fingers are wrapped around a dull black object. The object occasionally winks with a vibrant green
glow, between which the object emits short, chirping tones.
Nov 15, 2012 12:54 PM - Tracy: As you kick your feet up to enjoy the rewards after your latest heroic exploits a shimmer and glow disrupt the seemingly peaceful tavern. A portal suddenly rips open in ths middle of the pub roughly 10 feet in the air. A creature falls out and lands hard on the floor with a sickening crunch. Ichor spreads across the floor between pieces of a dismembered humanoid. Lifeless tentacles hanging from its head identify the remains as those of a mind flayer. Rubbery violet skin covers the creature’s s
Nov 15, 2012 11:25 AM - Tracy: I should invite them. They stock Sierra Nevada now because I promised I'd make it worth their while. I suppose I owe them atleast a stocking for letting us move the tables around willy nilly.
Nov 15, 2012 11:14 AM - James L: They're coming over to your house for Christmas?
Nov 15, 2012 11:12 AM - Tracy: No worries, I've formed some good relationships with the people that work there. I spend over $100 a month there I'm not worried about it. Besides, bringing the drinks was a 1 off as I had been gifted them and was bringing them anyway.
Nov 15, 2012 11:02 AM - James L: Our meetup already got kicked out of Cafe 28 which is a block or two down.
Nov 15, 2012 11:01 AM - James L: I hate to be the "Dad" here, but they have security cameras all over Cafe Au Bon Gout. Please don't get us kicked out of there. Also, don't bring outside food or drinks there for the same reason.
Nov 15, 2012 10:51 AM - Tracy: Last time I was at Cafe Au Bon Gout I cut some slits into the foil covering the air ducts. Should be much more comfortable there now, especially with the cold weather arriving. Let's try there tonight.
Nov 15, 2012 10:49 AM - Matt H: Also: where is the game tonight?
Nov 15, 2012 10:30 AM - Kenny P: Rob, can your shaman grant basic attacks? If so, my RBA is: +24/1d10+24 or +23/1d10+27 on lazer setting. Half of my aspect stances give another +2 to hit and/or to dmg so I'll always be hitting, dice willing. Just a heads up.
Nov 15, 2012 9:05 AM - James L: I have 1d8+7 melee basic with a full +24 vs AC
Nov 15, 2012 9:04 AM - James L: Does Damakos have an MBA? no, he was street educated in the slums of Marsember. oh!, you mean melee basic attack, Battleminds get screwed on MBA's.
Nov 14, 2012 11:45 PM - Kenny P: Torpedo Tanuki is such a bad-ass, he gives the Honey Badger a run for his title. Known as the Scourge of the Known Galaxy, there is no trash anywhere that don't tremble at the mention of his name. Armed with his trademark Lasrifle and his mighty totem sidekick Froot, he hunts down criminals and foul villains in the name of all that is good, decent, and delicious.
Nov 14, 2012 11:28 PM - Kenny P: Rob, please don't change anything because of me. I offered to play a warlord when I saw strikers and MBAers but I've changed Torpedo to a Hunter-Striker after seeing the current party roundup.
Nov 14, 2012 10:50 PM - Nileoc: I do indeed! I can use my overwhelming strike as a MBA, and enjoy doing so.
Nov 14, 2012 10:19 PM - Matt H: Nile/James: Do either of you have MBAs? I grant them (sometimes).
Nov 14, 2012 9:42 PM - Tracy: You're in Kenny
Nov 14, 2012 9:21 PM - Rob R: I will bring both the shaman and the wizard.
Nov 14, 2012 9:20 PM - Rob R: I can also bring my human wizard - who I am more comfortable with since I've played him through 17 levels.
Nov 14, 2012 7:22 PM - Kenny P: Tracy, can you open RSVP for one more day or until the end of this one? Also, since we have a shaman, should I bring the damage?
Nov 14, 2012 7:19 PM - AVacc: Great - have fun - I am pretty bummed I am going to miss it.
Nov 14, 2012 7:16 PM - Kenny P: Just when I think I'm out, they pull me back in!

Yes, I'm good to go.
Nov 14, 2012 7:09 PM - AVacc: Kenny P - Are you good to stand in, tomorrow?
Nov 14, 2012 6:52 PM - AVacc: Actually it wont let me change status ....
Nov 14, 2012 6:51 PM - AVacc: Sorry guys but I would have to leave early the 20th.... I will back out. Hopefully Kenny can jump in.
Nov 14, 2012 2:15 PM - James L: My Tiefling was born to a Tiefling Prostitute in the plane of Sigil. She didn't know who or what the father was, she dropped me through the nearest portal the day after I was born. Was brought to the doorstep of an orphanage run by the priests of Ilmater, the self righteous pricks, in the plane of the Forgotten Realms. He was punished often under their care, and ran away at age 9 to make it in the streets of Marsember.
Nov 14, 2012 11:10 AM - Rob R: Xaxamun is Bladeling Desert Shaman. His family fled Bane's dominion and constant calls to battle. They settled in a remote desert better to avoid Bane's bloodhounds. He found the solitary life and primal spirits to his calling and has dedicated his life to eradicating undead and freeing those enslaved by despots.
Nov 14, 2012 10:10 AM - James L: I'm bringing a Tiefling Psionic Warrior (Battlemind). He is silent about his past, other than the fact he spent a lot of time alone. His devilish heritage caused him much ostracism. He was born with immense telekinetic power, which he barely kept under control. Emotions caused forceful outbursts which often left bystanders dead.
Nov 12, 2012 8:05 PM - Rob R: Weird. I didn't do anything different - just launched the CB on the laptop and it worked this time. See everyone on Thursday.
Nov 12, 2012 12:50 PM - Matt H: I can't go into December. If it ends up running to four sessions, I have no objection to you finishing without me.
Nov 12, 2012 12:16 PM - James L: Can we put that 4th session back on here for December 4th? I forgot who couldn't make that
Nov 12, 2012 12:12 PM - Rob R: Thanks for the offer. I think I might have the answer for my CB issue. I'll know for sure tonight and post. As far as your build, my concern is always slowing down play. I usually like to play builds I've already played before - in this case I have a 10th level shaman, that I would like to level to 17.
Nov 12, 2012 12:05 PM - T Michael: Rob, if you would like to use my githzerai warpriest, I can send you the sheets.
Nov 12, 2012 9:38 AM - Rob R: If that's the case, then I can't build a lv 17 healer by this Thursday (and be effective enough with it to not slow down play or be a detriment to the party).
Nov 12, 2012 9:38 AM - Tracy: Download Silverlight
Nov 12, 2012 9:37 AM - Rob R: I might have to back out. My home pc crashed and I bought a windows 8 laptop. It appears that the CB doesn't work w/ Windows 8. Unless I've done something else wrong.
Nov 10, 2012 12:34 PM - Tracy: Do not fear! There are all sorts of neat things to play with found in this adventure. You will not be lacking for weird sci-fi shit.
Nov 10, 2012 12:02 PM - Kenny P: No harm in just asking, plus I wasn't sure if they were still rare or not. I can always reflavor a radiant greatbow and endless quiver into a giant laser cannon and battery pack.
Nov 10, 2012 10:32 AM - James L: oh yeah and the Eye of Vecna.
Nov 10, 2012 10:31 AM - James L: Jet Pack is "Rare" and so are those other things. They are rare for a reason. I'd like to start with a Vorpal Sword, Robe of the Archmage, Ring of Invisibility, Sphere of Annihilation, and a Flying Carpet because they are awesome, but if anyone can make a character and start with them, they are no longer awesome.
Nov 9, 2012 9:49 PM - Kenny P: Tracy, would you allow Laser Pistols or Blaster Rifles? I know the Thingamajigs of the Barrier Peaks are rare but in the RHoD game, Tim has a jet pack (listed as common). Did I miss something, like an errata? In any case, I thought I'd ask since this game is pseudo-sci-fi/space opera. :D
Nov 9, 2012 6:12 PM - Kenny P: If Prismaton Alpha doesn't mind the laser cannon wielding raccoon dog occasionally riding his shoulders, he can be Torpedo's space junkyard discovery. xD
Nov 9, 2012 5:52 PM - Kenny P: This party is crying out for a warlord. Torpedo Tanuki, REPORTING FOR DUTY!
Nov 9, 2012 4:54 PM - T Michael: Tracy, I have been trying to make next thursday work, but I cannot and will drop so Rob or someone else could replace me. Remember a leader is needed.
Nov 9, 2012 12:28 AM - Tracy: Hi T Michael, I have to leave the dates as is. Can you make the 15th?
Nov 5, 2012 7:26 PM - AVacc: Looks god to me.
Nov 5, 2012 3:36 PM - Tracy: The above dates are set. Please double check to ensure you can make all 3.

Nov 4, 2012 7:47 PM - Tracy: I'm going to bump this a week. I have had 0 communication with work in the last week as our offices are located downtown and our internal servers were all housed there. I've got a lot to catch up on this week and don't think I'll be able to leave early enough on Thursday to be prepared enough for this. I do think we can do it in 3 sessions though so I'm leaving the rest of the dates the same. Sorry T Michael, if you can't make the first session maybe let Rob hop in, so he can hit all three.
Nov 3, 2012 3:28 PM - Nileoc: I'm sorry to hear that man, that's pretty rough. Sadly that's Final Exam time for me, so I don't think I can go that deep into December either if we have to push it back those two weeks.
Nov 3, 2012 2:35 PM - T Michael: Given the aftermath of the storm and my work travel, I am unavailable for the 8th and 15th. I understand Matt needs to wrap up before December, so I will drop if the dates stay with the same.
Oct 25, 2012 7:34 PM - Tracy: I'll keep it as is than. Just wanted to test the waters for flexibility on behalf of T Michael.
Oct 25, 2012 7:25 PM - Matt H: I can't go into December - baby due on the 5th, and I expect we'll be at DefCon 1 for a few days before then...
Oct 25, 2012 7:05 PM - Tracy: Does anyone object to moving it back a week to the 15th (Thursday), 20th, 27th, and 4th? (Tuesdays)
Oct 25, 2012 7:03 PM - Tracy: So I just realized it doesn't matter what your preference in days are because I'm already committed to Fire Giants on Monday and I can't be in both places at once. My bad.
Oct 22, 2012 7:45 PM - T Michael: I just built an awesome githzerai war priest of the Oghma domain with a bastard sword and plate, super mobility, and a whole lot of knowledge.
Oct 18, 2012 10:43 PM - T Michael: Sorry about that. I meant November 8th I will be in Cali.
Oct 18, 2012 10:03 PM - Nileoc: Next week? This doesn't even start for 3 more weeks.
Oct 18, 2012 10:01 PM - T Michael: Thursday are a no go for me. Particularly next week as I am in California.
Oct 18, 2012 9:16 PM - Nileoc: Bwaha, Thursday would be good for me for the same reason as before!
Oct 18, 2012 8:21 PM - Tracy: Preferences for Monday or Thursday on the 1st session?
Oct 17, 2012 12:05 AM - Nileoc: Thursday would be great. I have class basically all day on Monday and Wednesday, so I'll be legally brain dead by 7! (The only reason I could attend Spiderkiller was because of school holiday)
Oct 16, 2012 11:08 AM - Tracy: Good request. Anyone opposed to this change?
Oct 16, 2012 11:06 AM - Matt H: Hey Tracy - I just realized that, apart from the Blade of Vengeance conflict, Tuesday November 6th is election night and I'll be watching the returns. Any chance of moving to Monday or Thursday of that week?
Oct 12, 2012 9:28 PM - Tracy: Upon tasting the Prismaton Alpha we decided that it was not to our liking. We reprogrammed it and sent it out to occasionally malfunction horribly whenever possible upon the masses...unless someone else steps up to the plate that is. ;)
Oct 10, 2012 6:24 PM - Tracy: Avenger, Slayer, Warlock, Knight, so far it looks like you are ready to kick the door down - guns a blazin'!
Oct 9, 2012 5:12 PM - Matt H: Prismaton Alpha is a semi-autonomous laser shooting robot that only occasionally malfunctions horribly. If any of you would care to have invented/discovered/repaired him, feel free. He requires guidance.
Oct 9, 2012 5:00 PM - Tracy: Those sound like the worst brains ever...but I'll still eat them.
Oct 9, 2012 4:50 PM - James L: I'm thinking a dumb ole fighter who wandered into a whole mess of WTF!?
Oct 8, 2012 11:10 AM - T Michael:
Oct 8, 2012 9:38 AM - AVacc: Dragonborn Slayer
Oct 8, 2012 9:30 AM - Rob R: Thinking Human Wizard
Oct 8, 2012 1:53 AM - Nileoc: I'll play a githzerai, A thrall no longer!
Oct 7, 2012 11:27 PM - James L: so cool, thanks
Oct 7, 2012 11:54 AM - Tracy: Cool! I actually scheduled that week's session for a Thursday to work around it so I think you'd be safe to leave it for now and we'll see if people can swing it.
Oct 7, 2012 11:32 AM - Matt H: Assuming Blade of Vengeance is done by then, I'd move Infernal Wrath to another day to play in this.