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Game Title: 2nd ed. AD&D
Host: SmashGod19
Date and Time[Eastern]: Saturday -- September 3rd, 2011 -- 2:08 PM
Location: Online
Zipcode (or online): Online
Game System: Other
Level: 5
Number of Players: 8
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Description: This is an already existing 2nd edition AD&D campaign that we are seeking new recruits for. If you are interested in playing a game with quick paced action and adventure with fully functional tokens with properties and macros, then this is the game for you. Will be using skype and maptools version 84 to play. The server will be "Fox Den" and the password for today is "xbox". Feel free to join late just to see what its all about.

Players can RSVP up until Saturday -- September 3rd, 2011 -- 2:08 PM and then the game becomes set.
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