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Game Title: Pathfinder Society @ CS Meetup
Host: Mark Moreland
Date and Time[Eastern]: Saturday -- April 3rd, 2010 -- 12:00 PM
Location: Compleat Strategist
Zipcode (or online): 10016
Game System: Pathfinder
Level: 1-5
Number of Players: 12
Game Pic
Description: There will be two tables of Murder on the Silken Caravan (PFS#3), a Tier 1-5 Pathfinder Society game set in the deserts of Qadira. You can find out more information on the Pathfinder Society at http://paizo.com/pathfinderSociety

I will have 1st level pregens, but players are welcome and encouraged to bring their own legal PFS character. Actual APL will be determined at the table, though RSVPs will certainly help ahead of time.

Players can RSVP up until Friday -- December 31st, 2010 -- 5:00 PM and then the game becomes set.
Waiting List
User Pic Rating Time of RSVP Confirmed Functions
Graemepic2 0
Apr 2, 2010 1:48 PMConfirmed
Michael DeFelicepic0 0
Apr 2, 2010 2:41 PMConfirmed
Apr 1, 2010 2:13 PMConfirmed
Apr 1, 2010 2:13 PMConfirmed
Apr 1, 2010 2:13 PMConfirmed
Apr 1, 2010 3:37 PMConfirmed
Apr 1, 2010 3:42 PMConfirmed
Apr 1, 2010 4:02 PMConfirmed
junesoler pic
Apr 2, 2010 1:48 PMConfirmed
Apr 2, 2010 1:48 PMConfirmed
Apr 2, 2010 1:48 PMConfirmed
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Apr 2, 2010 1:52 PM - Mark Moreland: I have secured a second GM, which opens our total seats to 12. I'm looking forward to the game!
Apr 2, 2010 11:27 AM - tortiekat: Hope you find another judge! Itching for Pathfinder!
Apr 2, 2010 2:36 AM - SarahJ: Hope I can join! I've been waiting for a new pathfinder game to start up for a long time!
Apr 1, 2010 4:06 PM - Mark Moreland: Table is full but I'm trying to find another GM for a second table. Keep rsvp-ing and players will be taken in order of muster if I can't get a second table running.