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Welcome to RPGConnect

This site is intended to enable role-playing game (RPG) players to find other people to play with.

There are games posted that occur in real-world locations. There are online games that use MapTools,OpenRPG, or other free web-enabled meeting tool.

Everything on this site is free. We use free tools and no-one charges anything. We only ask that you contribute by DMing once in a while.

On the "Upcoming Games" page is a list of upcoming one-shot games with their dates, times and locations. Any member can join the waiting list for a game. The person who posted the game controls who gets to play. You can also post your own game and use the site to accept RSVPs and communicate with players.

There are also regularly occuring RPGA events that are posted on this site. Click "Upcoming RPGA Events" to see them and how they work.

There is a forum on the NYC D&D Meetup website for discussion of online games.

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