How the Ranked Seating Games work

What is a Ranked Seating Game?

Ranked Seating Games are open to all members of the D&D Meetup no matter their experience level. The games give preferred seating to people who run games for the meetup and contribute their time for the benefit of other players. The rest of the seats are First-Come-First-Served.

The games often go over multiple sessions which can span several weeks or months, but they can also be one-shots. For example: a group of 6 people will meet every Wednesday evening for four weeks in a row to adventure through a D&D module. The locations can vary; from the Citicenter, to people's apartments, to cafes in and around the city. Some of the games cost money, you'll see it clearly posted, pay this money directly to the DM, before the game begins.

How to RSVP
  1. Login on the "Home" page.
  2. Join the "Interested" list for the special event (this tells people you would like to play depending on time/date)
  3. When all the times and dates of the session or sessions are figured out, press "I Want In" button to commit to playing.
  4. You then have to check the waiting list before the game begins because it changes and shuffles as people join or leave. People with extremely high RSVP priority(DMs) could jump in line higher than you. The list of players becomes locked on the RSVP date which is set by the person who posted the game.

Why is there RSVP priority?
The way we get and keep Dungeon Masters (DM's) is by making them happy. RSVP priority is mostly used to reward our Dungeon Masters for running games. By giving the best choice of seats to Dungeon Masters it encourages them to run games. We also let people who want to be "players only" win priority, but we make that a little more difficult. Players have to compete with all the other people who only want to play. Finally, brand new people are given a priority boost for their first three games.

How to earn Priority Seating? - (All Points earned expire after 2 years) Disruptive players and No-Shows:
If you want to become a Dungeon Master for the meetup, it has its perks.

Earning more stars: More rewards to be determined, such as: one free in-game re-roll, a starting feat, a magic item certificate, etc. Will know more when 5E game and organized play rules are released.